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    Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2017 | 06:36


    Sunday Clubbing at 93 Feet East

    Sunday Clubbing has, apparently, become quite the ›In‹ thing in this wonderful land of ours which we like to call London. »Sunday is the new Saturday« they proclaim rather loudly, just that bit too close to my ear. But why should the party stop on Saturday night? Why should the party even begin on Saturday when you can get a friendlier, more upfront vibe on the Sabbath? It feels decadent and wrong, the music is generally sleazy and groovy, and the party usually finishes in time to catch the last train home. What more could anybody want? By JOHN BITTLES


    Loving Music to a Ridiculous Degree: An Interview with This Many Boyfriends.

    You know when a band comes along, seemingly out of nowhere, that sound like a cool refreshing blast of fresh air? Well, cliché aside, this is exactly how This Many Boyfriends’ debut album sounds to me. Upon first hearing said article I instantly leapt from my chair, grabbed some daffodils and danced like a lunatic. This slightly surprised my nan who had popped over for a visit at the time. Not wanting to feel left out she decided, rather bravely perhaps, to join in. But she didn’t have the cool funky-assed moves like me. By JOHN BITTLES


    I Suspect a Soundclash

    I was 15 years old when sitting up late watching MTV one night I came across a video for a song titled Cocaine Sex. The visuals were grainy and grungy while the song itself featured lines such as »Cocaine sex is fast. Tell me how long do you think it will last.« For my teenage self these lyrics were rebellion personified. Combine this with a thunderous industrial landscape the likes of which my innocent young ears could barely comprehend, and, needless to say, I was in love. By JOHN BITTLES


    Student Discos and Emotional Machines!

    Here in the UK November tends to be somewhat cold, wet, dark, and pretty fecking miserable. Even a cursory glance at those poor unfortunate fools that prowl the streets of London shows that the scowls are getting longer and this season’s fashion trend appears to be depressive and downcast. Those who do smile, giggle, or, God forbid, laugh, immediately expose themselves as tourists and will justifiably find themselves experiencing the unbridled joy of some good old-fashioned London violence. By JOHN BITTLES


    Bizarre Art and Phat House beats: JMII and Amanda Brown in Interview.

    Picture a scene of domestic bliss. Myself, JMII and Amanda Brown are all sitting around a table having a cosy little chat. The wine is flowing, we are discussing land irrigation, and I think I might just have had a little too much to drink. Although this isn’t how the actual interviews occurred since both were conducted through the magic of e-mail I still think it helps the enjoyment of the piece if you picture this scene while reading. By JOHN BITTLES


    Can House music be sexy? An Interview with Sir Stephen

    This October 100% Silk are treating the discerning listener to the debut album by Sir Stephen who is following up his fantastically funky By Design EP with his debut album House of Regalia. The eight tracks contained within join together to create a melodic and sensuous listen that has oodles of proto-house goodness, trancelike vibes, and early rave euphoria. An interview by JOHN BITTLES


    Look back in Wah Wah

    Way back in that mythical time of 1994 before mobile phones or iPods were invented a band called James released an album called rather fittingly Wah Wah. The band had previously enjoyed considerable success during the Madchester era (which originated in Manchester and was supposedly a bit mad, hence Madchester) with massive hits including Laid, and the ubiquitous Sit Down. A historical Review by JOHN BITTLES.


    »Mantasy« - An Interview with Michael Mayer

    Michael Mayer is a bit of a legend! Simple Fact! So interviewing him was going to take a lot of courage and guts. Luckily, due to a life of hardship through living on the rough streets of Richmond Surrey, I have had to develop both these characteristics in order to survive. An Interview by JOHN BITTLES.


    From Balearic Beats to Ghostly Dubstep

    Now, as everyone knows October and September are always big months for music with huge bands releasing their latest albums to massive fanfare. As such we can expect new albums by Muse, Green Day and No Doubt. But we’re not going to review this type of music here! Why? Well, mostly it is because these albums are usually rubbish, living off past glories, while trying in vain to make up for the complete and utter absence of soul in their songs by over-emoting, over-producing and over-making me feel a little bit sick. By JOHN BITTLES


    Bubbles, Rave Dancing and Pussy-Rings: Grimes live at Heaven 5th of September 2012

    Stepping out onto the stage to a low sinister drone, everyone around me on tip-toes straining their neck in an attempt to get a good look at the star of the show, Grimes greets the crowd with a somewhat bashful smile. Flanked by a drummer and a rather exotic looking pole dancer she confidently strides up to her keyboard and immediately launches into the euphoric tones of Symphonia IX (My Wait is U). The audience greet her arrival with a well deserved and unanimous roar of approval. This is what they had spent the last twenty or so minutes aggressively jostling for position for. By JOHN BITTLES


    »Minus the Bear« at Heaven, London 17/08/12

    The day had been a bit of a scorcher as they say somewhere far away. My Irish constitution was bitterly complaining about the humidity and the heat. In short, I was somewhat sticky and tired. So imagine the hugeness of my grin when upon entering the cavern-like space of »Heaven« I discovered that yes, they did have air-conditioning. Hallelujah! After receiving an ice cold pint from the friendly barman I felt suitably cooled so that I could even consider dancing in a room full of hot, sweaty indie music fans. As such my companion and I fought our way to the very front of the stage. By JOHN BITTLES


    It´s Good to be Back!

    While TITEL-Magazin has been on a well deserved holiday these past few weeks, most people would have thought that we had our feet up having a nice wee rest. Wouldn’t you? Well, unfortunately, on this occasion you would be very wrong. By JOHN BITTLES


    My 2012 Music Appraisal

    Wow, this summer’s been such a scorcher so far, I don’t think I can handle that boiling, incandescent sun a moment longer! Seeing as we’re now more than halfway through the year, I thought it would be the perfect time to highlight some of my favourite releases of the past months. I know what you must be thinking – that 2012 has been a totally crap year for music and attempting to write a »Best of«-list is madness indeed. To this I reply, »SHUT YOUR TRAP! READ MY LIST!«



    Not not fun - 100% Silk ... Interview with Amanda Brown

    Knowing that conducting my very first interview would be an important step into my newfound career as a super-sexy journalist with a winning smile meant that it had to be good. It had to be vital. It had to say something profound! But interviewing someone requires contact. Of the human kind. Something I hadn't had much experience of in a while. Sure, there was that one time I entered a speed-dating event by mistake (it didn't go well). But this was different. What was I to do? An Interview by JOHN BITTLES.


    Why 2012 has been the year of 100% Silk!

    A friend of mine recently said, »If you haven’t heard of 100% Silk then you’ve been going to the wrong places«. And while this writer wouldn’t necessarily go that far I would admit that this highly opinionated fellow had a valid point. By JOHN BITTLES


    It Was Acceptable In The Eighties

    Going back to the cherished music of your youth can be a terrifying and disorientating experience, seriously calling into question the image of the sophisticated urbanite you’ve spent years cultivating. And, while you may have compiled a list of hip first records and albums you enjoy reeling off to your friends, the reality can be a far darker place. By JOHN BITTLES


    Chew Lips Gig Review, Hoxton Bar & Grill 03/07/2012

    Rolling up to the Chew Lips gig at 8:30pm last week, the venue was almost completely deserted – things didn’t look good. The girl behind the bar seemed bored to death and the glitter ball overhead sent me into a momentary panic as I feared I’d accidentally stumbled into some kind of Studio 54 timewarp scenario (f... you acid flashback). By JOHN BITTLES


    Is Your One-Night Stand a Potential Serial Killer?

    One-night stands can be pretty nerve-wrecking experiences. This isn’t helped by statistics which I’ve just made up suggesting that almost 40% of all one-night stands climax in rape and murder. Yes people, it’s a mad, bad world out there!. A vitally important advice by JOHN BITTLES.


    Maximo Park live in London - Loud, sweaty, boisterous

    Beginning a set with not one but two new songs is, in my humble opinion, a very brave move. This is exactly what Maximo Park decided to do at their Heaven gig earlier this week when they kicked off with their frantic The National Health and Hips and Lips. These were swiftly followed by Girls Who Play Guitars and Graffiti which added to air of general mayhem: the crowd – loud, sweaty and boisterous – was lapping this up. A gig review by JOHN BITTLES.


    Music To Slit Your Wrists To

    Depression, eh? What a bummer. Depression is something that creeps up on us, slips its skinny little arms around our waist, whispers sweet nothings into our ears and refuses to let go for the next few days/weeks/months/years. If you’re anything like me you may come to communicate this feeling by wearing very dark clothes, not smiling very much, and responding to the question of »How are you?« with »I’ve been a bit down lately as I’ve been contemplating the futility of life since one day Simon Cowell will die«. By JOHN BITTLES


    It´s ok to dance

    Music is made for the movement of arms, feet, hips and bottoms, no matter how poor a listener’s sense of rhythm may be. Gigs in London can often be characterised by a palpable sense of awkwardness and self-consciousness amongst attendees though. Even the most enthusiastic of fans can frequently find themselves spending their evenings staring steadily ahead with a glazed look in their eyes. By JOHN BITTLES

    TITEL ist umgezogen!

    Liebe Leserinnen, liebe Leser!

    Das neue TITEL kulturmagazin ist ...

    Wer will fleißige Handwerker sehn

    Der Künstler und ehemalige Hartz IV-Empfänger Van Bo Le-Mentzel hat zusammen mit seiner Crowd ein DIY-Forum geschaffen und mittels Schwarmfinanzierung auch gleich ein Buch drucken lassen. ...

    Die böse Schlange
    und das weiße Kaninchen

    In diesem Land stimmt etwas nicht. Der Feminismus nämlich. Schwach steht er da, der Wind pfeift durch die Löcher seines theoretischen Unterbaus. Ähnlich steht es mit den Frauen. ...

    Tage, Tage, Jahre

    Staunen, entdecken, querlesen, umblättern, abreißen – Literaturkalender begleiten uns verlässlich durchs Jahr, versorgen uns häppchenweise und gut dosiert mit ungeahnten ...

    Ein Geheimnis in einer Graskugel

    Auf die ganz großen Katastrophen im Leben kann man sich selten vorbereiten. Das geht nicht nur den Großen so, auch die Kleinen müssen solche Erfahrungen bewältigen. ANDREA ...

    Psychothriller mit doppeltem Deutungsboden

    Alles beginnt ganz harmlos. Mit einem Schulaufsatz, in dem der französische Oberstufenschüler Claude (Ernst Umhauer) von einem Besuch im Haus seines Klassenkameraden Rapha berichtet. ...

    ... bis sie dann gestorben sind.

    Wenn Comics sich klassischen Märchenmotiven widmen, dann tun sie das meist in Form einer eher überzogenen Parodie. Selbst wenn sich dahinter so viel Sophistication verbirgt wie hinter ...

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