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    Sonntag, 20. August 2017 | 23:08

    Die Popkolumne aus London


    Sunday Clubbing at 93 Feet East

    Sunday Clubbing has, apparently, become quite the ›In‹ thing in this wonderful land of ours which we like to call London. »Sunday is the new Saturday« they proclaim rather loudly, just that bit too close to my ear. But why should the party stop on Saturday night? Why should the party even begin on Saturday when you can get a friendlier, more upfront vibe on the Sabbath? It feels decadent and wrong, the music is generally sleazy and groovy, and the party usually finishes in time to catch the last train home. What more could anybody want? By JOHN BITTLES


    Secretsundaze, Jaded, Superfreq and Dig Your Own Rave are just some of the wonderful parties that over the years have kept clued-up clubbers dancing through the Sunday hours. Four years ago Fuse London joined this illustrious throng by hosting their first party and during this time they have built up a reputation and following to such an extent that they are now celebrating their 200th night at regular haunt 93 Feet East.


    Having heard great things about the club and having thoroughly enjoyed some DJ sets and podcasts by London legend and Fuse London founder Enzo Siragusa I thought it would only be polite to toddle along and see what all the fuss was about. There was also the bonus of it being in one of my favourite venues in London‘s achingly hip East End. Oh, and have I mentioned that the mighty Martin Buttrich was signed up to play a 2 hour set?


    So, the dancing shoes were dusted off, my rave whistle was brought out of retirement, and I scrunched up my hair to appear somewhat cool and relevant. Unfortunately the dancing shoes hurt, so were swiftly changed to trainers, the whistle was ‘confiscated’ by my loved one, and my hair fell down immediately upon leaving the house.


    My first impression upon entering the David Lynch-like room which makes up the majority of 93 Feet East is that it has the appearance of being just one large dancefloor. The second is that the dancefloor is full! A swift look at my watch reveals that it is indeed 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and I have not entered some strange time-warp. Not this time at least, thank God!


    Raw deep house and techno grooves emanate from the DJ booth. All around me people are dancing, eyes closed, with huge smiles plastered on their beautiful, hedonistic faces. Everywhere I look people are moving rhythmically to the music. No one is standing around nodding their head to the beat while trying desperately to look cool. There are no wallflowers here watching, too meek to join in. People are here for one reason only, to worship upon that little beat which we like to call House. I’m here to write a review. But I am the exception to the rule.


    You really get the sense that the people running this night do so out of a love for the music. That this is more than a simple business venture. Whatever they are doing it must be working because, as stated earlier, Fuse London is now celebrating their 200th night. With a stellar line-up of Luke Miskelly & Ittetso, Enzo himself, and culminating in a legendary set by Desolat main man Martin Buttrich the stage is set for a night to remember.


    The knowledgeable and appreciative crowd delight in the tracky, head-fuck tunes being played. Personally, I loved the fact that people, upon entering would immediately look around as if greeting a long lost friend, then instantly and unselfconsciously begin to dance. There is no checking to see who the DJ is. If so and so is there. Or if anyone is looking in their direction. They trust the guys that run this place. That’s why they are here at 5pm on a Sunday! Because they know they are about to be treated to some genuinely great cutting-edge sounds.


    Mostly vocal free, the music played on the night had been dug up from that fertile ground that exists in the arctic hinterland between house and techno. One thing you could be sure of though was that each track played would be fathoms deep and feature liberal splashes of funk. The setting was perfect for losing yourself in the music, which is what most people did. Line dancing was frowned upon! But everything else was readily accepted and after a while you found your body moving of its own accord.


    By the end of the night a tired and elated crowd leave the comfortable womb-like 93 Feet East and re-enter the cold, harsh terrain that makes up London’s streets. The night is over. I have survived my first night out clubbing in a few years. My legs are tired. The imaginary laughter that greeted my disco dad dancing is still ringing in my ears. But, you know what, I don’t care, because I had a great time. I heard fantastic music, met some wonderful people, and I’m heading to Waterloo to get the last train home. Result!


    2012 has proven itself to be an excellent year for the people at Fuse London. The year isn’t over yet though. Other highlights include Tuesday 16th of December when that wonderful mistress of jack tINI will be joining the regulars for what should prove to be something very special indeed. They will also be starting the new year with a party featuring some percussive madness courtesy of Onur Ozer. The festivities begin on Tuesday January the 1st and I can’t think of a better way to give a warm welcome to 2013.

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