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    Montag, 21. August 2017 | 06:41

    Die Popkolumne aus London


    Bizarre Art and Phat House beats: JMII and Amanda Brown in Interview.

    Picture a scene of domestic bliss. Myself, JMII and Amanda Brown are all sitting around a table having a cosy little chat. The wine is flowing, we are discussing land irrigation, and I think I might just have had a little too much to drink. Although this isn’t how the actual interviews occurred since both were conducted through the magic of e-mail I still think it helps the enjoyment of the piece if you picture this scene while reading. By JOHN BITTLES


    This is simply personal opinion of course and you are free to think about whatever you desire while perusing this article, (as long as you aren‘t picturing Bob Geldof naked, that is).


    Anyway, lets clear this last image from our heads and approach the matter at hand. JMII is one of those fantastically exciting and talented producers that label head Amanda Brown is somehow constantly able to unearth. With a gorgeous house sound that contains delicate hints of disco his debut 100% Silk EP Nueva York is out next week and will no doubt be stirring up a dance-floor somewhere near you, (and if not then strongly demand it of the DJ! After all they are here to serve).*


    If you’re still not convinced then check out the synth packed goodness of Fiesta Musica from the EP. When combined with the following interview I hope you will see the light and run out to purchase this releases immediately.


    Distorted piano madness

    Hi JMII. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


    My name is Jami, I was born in Barcelona and I'm actually living in Berlin. JMII is my solo project (we have another project called Aster alongside Pettre) and my first record with this moniker is coming out this October on 100% Silk.

    What can we expect from the new EP?


    This EP, it's like a »Best Of...JMII« record. All of the tracks have been made during the last 2 years or so, and I think they show up in some way all the learning process I've been thru this time. It's a record full of bleep sounds, disco and Chicago house influenced rhythms, lots of synth melodies, conga rhythms, acid bass-lines, a little bit of sampling and some distorted piano madness.


    Sounds good! How do you think your music fits in with ›the 100% sound‹?


    My relation with 100% Silk started when they just had three records out. The first one, was Ital's debut and when I saw the teaser for that video, with all that busted vintage images of people dancing to that crazy song...I just felt in love with the label! Suddenly I started to think about some tracks that I had forgotten in my computer...So, that same day, I just decided to send a pair of tracks, and Amanda got back to me almost immediately saying that she loved the stuff. That was the beginning of the JMII project (because in that moment I wasn't planning at all to release any solo stuff). Since then, I've been sending tracks to the label, and they have been choosing the ones they felt closer to. Looking back to their catalog I feel like my tracks can fit well with the label because they have lots of that vintage/not-vintage and danceable/not-danceable records that helped them to keep away from the crowd.


    I love Nu Groove which in London might be described as slo-mo or balearic. As it was recorded a while ago would you consider this a fair label for the music that you are producing now?


    Well, that song was in fact recorded like 4 or 5 years ago. Despite it being a very old track I still like to play it out from time to time. I don't really feel that good with a major part of the songs that I composed long time ago...so yes, that one is still on my Soundcloud because it still represents the sounds I like.

    Have you any future releases planned for the near future that we should be getting excited about?


    Yes. There are two Aster records coming out on the following months. Both on John Talabot's Hivern label. The first one is actually finished and will feature a terrific Bicep remix, and the other one is in the oven. As JMII, I have tons of unreleased material that I'm actually sending to 100% Silk. I have enough material to release two or three records during 2013... but nothing's closed yet!


    Will you be doing any promotional gigs or DJ sets anytime soon?


    I still haven't planned a release party or anything like that. My most remarkable gig for the following weeks is a new party that some friends and I are throwing in Berlin's Prince Charles. The party it's called Calliope and we are really enthusiastic about it. It's the very first time we have the chance to do everything (booking, line-up, flyers, promotion). It's a lot of work, but we have tons of energy and the belief that it's going to be a memorable night.


    »Open minds all the way!«

    I know that I interviewed Amanda only a couple of months ago, but when I heard that she was releasing an album under her LA Vampires guise together with Maria Minerva I literally jumped for joy and determined to get a few words about the project. Integration is out on October the 30th and is the sound of two talented producers pushing themselves above and beyond the normal sonic limits. Challenging pop soundscapes combine with fractured noise and dislocated melodies to create something eerie yet filled with an inhuman warmth that reveals multiple layers over repeated plays. Listening to the album is a little like getting lost in the fog: a little unsettling yet strangely peaceful once you have accepted where you are. We need more music like this please!


    What was it like working with Maria?


    Maria is a visionary and she's very specific – don't let any casualness or humor on her end fool you, she's an extremely particular and thoughtful artist.  When it comes to her sound, she knows exactly what she wants to hear inside of it, and as a collaborator, of course that's thrilling and inspiring.


    How did it compare with your other collaborations?


    It was a bit more difficult, mainly because she's the farthest away and because each track was just built around a vibe and then layered, layered, layered.  This was the first time we were saying together, let's be weird, let's follow our own logic and rhythm and not worry about our separate sounds/careers.  It was like, you give and I'll give and we'll see what we come up with.  I love all my collaborators and this was another in a long line of personal successes for me.


    What can we expect from the album?


    Strangeness, femaleness, attitude, uniqueness and I hope a sort of bizarre art.


    What type of wine would you recommend sipping while listening to Integration?


    Prosecco for side A, Lambrusco for side B.


    Did you both set out with an idea of what the album would sound like, or did you keep an open mind?


    Open minds all the way.


    I’d just like to thank both JMII and Amanda Brown for taking the time to answer the questions above.


    *Titel Magazine cannot be held legally responsible for any injuries which may ensue! Morally yes. Legally no. We’ve spoken with our lawyers and we are quite sure.

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