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    Montag, 21. August 2017 | 06:39

    Die Popkolumne aus London


    Bubbles, Rave Dancing and Pussy-Rings: Grimes live at Heaven 5th of September 2012

    Stepping out onto the stage to a low sinister drone, everyone around me on tip-toes straining their neck in an attempt to get a good look at the star of the show, Grimes greets the crowd with a somewhat bashful smile. Flanked by a drummer and a rather exotic looking pole dancer she confidently strides up to her keyboard and immediately launches into the euphoric tones of Symphonia IX (My Wait is U). The audience greet her arrival with a well deserved and unanimous roar of approval. This is what they had spent the last twenty or so minutes aggressively jostling for position for. By JOHN BITTLES


    Some had given up and where contentedly sitting at the back of »Heaven’s« huge industrial-looking main room. Luckily I had remembered the »first rule« of attending sold-out gigs and dutifully hadn’t washed in just under two weeks, or changed my underpants for quite a while. Needless to say I had ample room for dancing and had a great view of the show.


    And what a show! Grimes has come along dramatically since she last played in the UK almost a whole year ago when she appeared almost meek and not wholly in control of the machines at her disposal. Tonight though she is the epitome of a professional stage performer, owning the stage and making it her bitch while teasing the crowd with hit after hit. The drummer (who didn’t actually seem to be physically playing the drums), the pole dancing, accompanied with the weird and trippy visuals, beach balls, and bubble machines were all utilised to excellent effect to create a wildly boisterous and euphoric mood.


    But what about the music you ask with a disparaging sneer in my direction? Well, tracks such as Genesis, Oblivion and Circumambient raised the energy levels of the room until it felt almost like a rave from the heydays of 1992. My vintage rave dancing which included the underrated genius of ›Big fish, little fish, cardboard box‹ proved to be a particularly huge hit with the lovely ladies. Her live sound is a lot louder, harsher and more dance-orientated than on record which made for a truly electrifying show.


    There had been a real sense of excitement and anticipation building in »Heaven« since we first stepped through the door. Grimes’ reputation has risen dramatically between the release of Halfaxa and Visions which came out earlier this year. And people seemed to have made a real effort for the show with the audience giving a particularly fashionable representation of London’s outcasts and dispossessed which suited the music perfectly coming from pop music’s far off edges as it does.


    Canadian Singer Claire Boucher aka Grimes 
Foto: Phillip Nguyen (cc-by-2.0) Canadian Singer Claire Boucher aka Grimes
    Foto: Phillip Nguyen (cc-by-2.0)

     After a solid hour and a bit of dancing and singing the night was finally coming to an end. Grimes had treated the crowd to a wonderful set that had featured glorious electro torch songs that had just the right elements of pop, techno and emotion to keep everyone in the audience thoroughly entertained.


    By the time Phone Sex heralded the end of the one song encore and Grimes was saying her goodbyes the crowd was wet, euphoric, and exhausted. The huge amount of people standing around at the end with huge smiles on their faces was genuinely heart warming to see. If Grimes keeps developing at her present rate as a live performer then we’ll be seeing her on a stadium tour very soon.


    The only disappointment of the night was the merchandise stand where I bought one of her self designed »pussy-rings« which I thought might make a nice little treat for my cat. When I gave it to him after I got home he was uninterested though. Next time all he’s getting is a lump of cheese!

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