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    Montag, 21. August 2017 | 19:48

    Die Pop-Kolumne aus London


    It´s Good to be Back!

    While TITEL-Magazin has been on a well deserved holiday these past few weeks, most people would have thought that we had our feet up having a nice wee rest. Wouldn’t you? Well, unfortunately, on this occasion you would be very wrong. By JOHN BITTLES


    You see, while we were on a break I have been tortured day and night by the most terrible of nightmares. I would constantly be jolted awake in a cold sweat, or find myself distracted while imagining people out there listening to Katy Perry, Conar Maynard, or even Jessie J (for shame)! And all this I would imagine would be because they lived in some sort of ignorance through a lack of access to my ranting and raving informing them of what cool music they should be listening to week after week.


    Sure, I did what I could on my time off. Just last week I smashed some poor unfortunate’s iPod on the train when I discovered that his ears were becoming infected through the strained dance-pop sludge of David Guetta. But I realised quite quickly that lone vigilante justice just wasn’t ever going to be enough! And also, the police had a very stern word with me about respecting other peoples’ property, even though, in theory at least, they all silently agreed with my quest to rid the train carriages of London of this lightweight pop.


    All of this brings us rather neatly to this article which you (hopefully) are reading right now where I have hereby compiled a list of some of the fantastic music that has been  delighting my ear-buds since we’ve been away. I’ll also be highlighting some fantastic releases to look forward to in September and October.


    And, yes, completing this thankless task has required some huge sacrifices from myself in order to ensure this article received the tenderness it needed. For one I had to lock myself away in a bunker (well, ok, my bedroom then), for days on end only listening to brand new music which meant that I even had to bring my Jesus and Mary Chain obsession to an end.


    Obtaining the actual music wasn’t easy either. I had to stalk, hound, and harass numerous record labels, publicity people, and distribution agents for access to this wonderful music. This fraught process resulted in me receiving three new restraining orders. They go very well with the rest of my collection.


    First up is the ever reliable Deepchord with Sommer, his second release for Soma Records after the deeply metallic Hash Bar Loops from last year. Featuring field recordings mixed in with his unique brand of deep dub techno, the album is simply perfect for the home listening experience. Yet, if you dare, you can simply turn up the bass and then have a fearsome dub techno warrior that will easily slay any forward thinking club.


    In a similar vein to Sommer is the second album from DFRNT coming out on Echodub (how cool a name for a record label is that?). Fading is a simply stunning mixing pot of house, techno, dubstep, and ambient that after repeated listening feels like one of the most engaging and enveloping albums of the year so far. No small feat! But just imagine dub techno mixed in with classic Detroit techno and you are getting close to an adequate description of the 80 minutes of music contained within.


    Foto: Erez Avissar Foto: Erez Avissar

    Teengirl Fantasy’s second long player Tracer (can you spot the trend here?), was recently released by the legendary people at R&S records. I have so much love for these people that I would listen to the sound of a fridge door opening repeating and still strive to find the positives in the release. Luckily, there is no such moral conundrum here. Beloved by people who worship music Teengirl Fantasy have a wonderfully warm sound that is helped massively by the fact that everything is made without loops while being composed and performed live. The vocal talents of Panda Bear, Laurel Halo, and Romanthony let you know that Tracer features songs which are complex yet unmistakably pop. I like to think of this album as sounding like what would happen if Holy Other or How to Dress Well recorded some music on a nice sunny beach where they were given an endless supply of free ice-cream.


    The mighty Kompakt from Cologne are also giving us quite the tasty treat in September in the form of the new album by John Tejada The Predicting Machine. The follow-up to last years Parabolas this new release manages to equal if not better its majestic dance-floor beauty. With melody in abundance and with enough funk to make a one-legged dog dance this is house music as it should be done: with heart and with soul.


    Foto: Christoph Köstlin Foto: Christoph Köstlin

    Moving onto singles now and Ripperton (surely one of the greatest producers around right now) treats us with a superb 12inch on his own Tamed Music imprint that is literally the funkiest piece of house music I have heard in years. If you can’t dance to this you may as well just go on home! Lets Hope is released in September and has an epic Bicep mix that makes this a package to pester your local record shop for.


    Out of the stables of the ever impressive Kontra Musik label comes a pair of releases from new boy in the tech-house block Tyler Friedman. Both excellent. My pick of the two though is Revolve which is quality deep techno of the highest order and which also includes a fabulously deep and spooky remix by Jonsson_Alter. If you haven’t heard their Mod album on the same label then check it out because you’re missing a treat.


    Foto: Matt Saunders Foto: Matt Saunders

    Truly one of the most exciting bands to come out of the UK in recent years Toy release their self-titled debut album in September that is a thrilling listen from beginning to end. Their music expertly mixes raw rock riffs with the Motorik grooves of vintage Can, or Cluster to create something sensuous and unique. You really do need this album in your life. Also, they’ll be touring Germany in September and November. They are one of the best live act around right now so trust me and check them out. You can thank me after!

    (20.11.2012 Cologne, Blue Shell; 28.11.2012 Munich, Atomic Café)


    Till next time …


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