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    Montag, 21. August 2017 | 06:40

    Die Popkolumne aus London


    Not not fun - 100% Silk ... Interview with Amanda Brown

    Knowing that conducting my very first interview would be an important step into my newfound career as a super-sexy journalist with a winning smile meant that it had to be good. It had to be vital. It had to say something profound! But interviewing someone requires contact. Of the human kind. Something I hadn't had much experience of in a while. Sure, there was that one time I entered a speed-dating event by mistake (it didn't go well). But this was different. What was I to do? An Interview by JOHN BITTLES.


    So, to say that I fretted about this is something of an understatement. What I needed was a plan. A simple one admittedly. Yet, one that would be so cunning that Baldrick would be proud. The plan worked like this: to find someone whom I respected, and who was so talented that by rights I should never be allowed to enter the same room. They should be utterly inspiring. But without that attitude whereby they would meet my request for a bout of interaction with a look of disdain while a burly security guard steps in telling me to »Get the fuck away!« Yes, I am thinking of you here Rihanna. And can I just say that I have absolutely no pity for you now, sitting alone in your room reading this thinking »That could have been me«.


    Anyway, enough about my emotional turmoil. You didn't come here to hear about that. So here it is! My very first interview with the super-talented Amanda Brown. For those of you who don't know, Amanda runs the wilfully weird and experimental Not Not Fun label together with the housey and funky 100% Silk label which I introduced last week. She also records under the name LA Vampires and has worked with many talented collaborators including the Queen of »Goth-Pop« Zola Jesus. Amanda's love and enthusiasm for great music is both wholly infectious and reassuring in this nonchalant age. Enjoy!


    John: Love the label! How did it come about?


    Amanda: Like all passion projects, this was past due for me. I love dance music and should've been pushing for more releases in the genre much earlier. Once I decided to start 100% Silk, I began prepping for the first 12". I'm into dreams come true, period.


    You release fantastic music by people most of us have never heard of before. How?


    You know, more music would come out from more artists you've never heard of if more record labels had an open demo policy and if they were willing to be risky/take more chances. I want to be daring, I want to support the scene, and that means giving new artists opportunities. I think inclusion scares taste-makers and so they opt for exclusion. Picky is good, choosy is great, intensely fiercely selective only works when you've heard what else is out there.


    If you could only choose one song to sum up your label which would it be, and why?


    No way. Total trap.


    With running two record labels and producing your own work, do you still manage to keep much of a social life?


    Depends what you consider a social life. I see a million movies. I share a lot of maté tea dates with friends. And there's more than one woman in my life who'll go for a spa day with me. But I don't really go out in the traditional sense – to bars, parties, underground shows – and I'm sure that's because of my personality and not my work ethic. Although, I do admit, I'm a busy busy lady.


    Are there any upcoming releases that we should be getting overly excited about?


    All of them! Roland Tings, Jonas Reinhardt, EZLV, Just Black, Andy Sangria, Roche, Shams, Leech, and follow ups from Fort Romeau, Magic Touch, Octo Octa, Polysick, Coyote Clean Up. Doesn't that overly excite you!?


    What direction do you see the 100% Silk taking in the future?


    Soulful, specific, avant, unique, vibrant, bold, full of the artist's passion and personality. Up up and sideways.


    With the summer in London being so crappy it is making a lot of people feel down, what do you listen to when you are feeling depressed?


    D'angelo, Saint Germain, Bjork, Dee-lite, Tribe called quest, Digital Underground, and always the Silk-artists.


    What made you decide to release on cassette as well as vinyl?


    I love cassettes. I have a tape player in my car. I want to hear Silk on the go, that would make my drives through the LA side streets so triumphant and chic.


    After just releasing a wonderful EP with Octo Octa will we be hearing more new music from yourself in the near future?


    I have a collab LP coming out in October with Maria Minerva. Should be nice and strange.


    Do you think that being based in LA has in anyway effected the »100% sound«?


    Absolutely. Can't you hear the sunshine sublime?


    I would just like to thank Amanda for taking the time for this interview.


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