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    Montag, 21. August 2017 | 06:38

    Die Popkolumne aus London


    Chew Lips Gig Review, Hoxton Bar & Grill 03/07/2012

    Rolling up to the Chew Lips gig at 8:30pm last week, the venue was almost completely deserted – things didn’t look good. The girl behind the bar seemed bored to death and the glitter ball overhead sent me into a momentary panic as I feared I’d accidentally stumbled into some kind of Studio 54 timewarp scenario (f... you acid flashback). By JOHN BITTLES


    Support act, Random Impulse, looked more than a little perturbed by the lack of numbers but luckily, as the set began, the »crowd« grew ever so slightly bigger, with about 30 plucky souls loitering rather shyly around the bar.


    Random Impulse wasn’t about to let the timidity of the crowd impede his need to put on a show. And what a show! He and his band treated us to a wonderful set that brought to mind Hard-Fi (in a good way Mr. Hipster of the Month) and the mighty Arctic Monkeys.


    A natural front man with an engaging presence, his attempts to instigate audience participation by encouraging sing-alongs and group clapping sessions were both brave and foolhardy in this area of East London. Yet, with an infectious energy and some cracking songs, if anything, this rock ‘n’ roll star in the making deserved a better crowd.


    Finally the room began to fill up and a genuine sense of anticipation began to spread through the excited punters so that by the time Chew Lips climbed the stage to a barrage of rapturous cheers, you just knew this was going to be a special night.


    Instantly the guys (and one or two of the girls) fell under the spell of lead singer Tigs, and proceeded to gaze lovingly in her direction for the rest of the show. I felt the pull myself, but, given that I had an article to write on the show, plus feared being the recipient of an angry slap to the face from my lovely lady, I managed somehow to clear my head.


    Beginning the show with some brand new material which was clubbier and more boisterous than the songs on debut album Unicorn worked well in getting the crowd in a party mood. Playing for an hour – during which time I actually witnessed people dancing in Hoxton (terribly, admittedly) – the band treated us to a set that managed to maintain a high level of energy and intimacy throughout.


    On stage Tigs exuded decadent charm while James held everything together nicely with basslines and synths to die for. Add to that a fantastic and ferocious new drummer, Chew Lips gave a terrific performance that will linger in the minds of the crowd for a long time to come.



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