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    Montag, 21. August 2017 | 06:39

    Neu bei TITEL - London calling!


    It´s ok to dance

    Music is made for the movement of arms, feet, hips and bottoms, no matter how poor a listener’s sense of rhythm may be. Gigs in London can often be characterised by a palpable sense of awkwardness and self-consciousness amongst attendees though. Even the most enthusiastic of fans can frequently find themselves spending their evenings staring steadily ahead with a glazed look in their eyes. By JOHN BITTLES


    Occasionally a maverick loose cannon will break out into a bold display of head-nodding and foot-tapping, but even these actions are preceded by swift glances around the crowd to ensure that they will be received positively in a room full of musical statues.


    Twice now I have been reprimanded for dancing at rock gigs, and I swear my dancing isn’t all that bad. Once admittedly it was at a seating-only concert, but it was Maximo Park for fuck’s sake! If it were Adele or something I would have said fair enough and plonked myself down as she crooned away, but as this show featured crashing drums, screeching guitars and a lead singer throwing himself dramatically about the stage I assumed that dancing would be tolerated alright. Silly me!


    So, it was with some trepidation that I approached the Japandroids’ recent gig in support of the release of new album Celebration Rock  – I knew that the noisy energetic rock music they specialise in might lead to me causing something of a scene yet again.


    I needn’t have worried though: Cadence Weapon set the mood perfectly, treating us to a sparkling hip-hop set featuring glorious, deconstructed beats with wonderful rhymes which joined together to create the perfect feel-good vibe.


    The crowd was decidedly male-dominated but the lack of ladies didn’t bother me too much – I’d known I’d had no chance of pulling anyway since earlier in the day I had been expressly forbidden from wearing my lucky shorts by my gigging partner that night, the delectable Katie Grant.

    I really wanted to throw some shapes but one song in and things were not looking good – a few heads were nodding to the beat and that was it. Meanwhile, the strange, involuntary spasms I was making as I tried in vain to keep my rebellious body under control were attracting  odd glances, as my embarrassed-looking companion shuffled further and further away.


    The song ended. The band surveyed the room. »Hmm, I can see its going to take a bit more to get you guys going« Brian King observed. They then launched into Adrenaline Nightshift and the front few rows exploded into an impromptu mosh pit which continued to expand throughout the show, threatening to suck the whole room in.


    The band knocked the crowd out with a thrilling set of party rock, hitting us with such wonders as Young Hearts Spark Fire, Wet Hair and new single The House That Heaven Built. It was refreshing to see there was no surly posturing on stage, or any contempt for their audience demonstrated. No, these guys were here to PARTY. And their only desire seemed to be to make sure that we, the paying punters, were partying too.


    The result was an energetic unruly audience, moving however they damn well liked, raucously chanting the lyrics back at the band, looking for all the world as though they were having the time of their lives. One eager fan, getting swept up in the riotous atmosphere, stormed the stage to share the microphone; King and Prowse were completely unfazed by this unexpected turn of events though and even rewarded their honorary band member for his exuberance with a well-deserved swig of whiskey from King’s ever-diminishing bottle of JD.


    As the gig drew to a close and the crowds reluctantly began to disperse, one could not help but be thankful that these guys showed London that it really is ok to dance.


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